The teaching staff of our school consists of pedagogues who have acquired their own professional titles at Russian universities and who have many years of experience in Russian educational system. The selection of teaching staff has been made carefully, with the aim of teaching effectively in the highest professional sense. Our pedagogical staff, in addition to the realization of the program, is trained to undertake all project activities of the school at an exceptional level. Aside from regular classes, teachers are involved in creative camps, art workshops and sports competitions with other educational institutions.

А.И. Мельник

учитель физкультуры

Б.Б. Козарски

менеджер школы

Г.Р. Попович

учитель ритмики

Е.В. Йокич

учитель рисования

Е.Г. Эльнатанова

директор школы

И.В. Деспич

учитель начальных классов

М.А. Ракович

учитель начальных классов

М.Г. Магазин

учитель музыки

О.Н. Бирюкова

учитель английского языка

Т.В. Рыкова

учитель начальных классов

Ю.Е. Нохрина

учитель начальных классов