The school implements the curriculum “School of Russia” in primary general education and the curriculum in primary general and secondary education in accordance with the Federal Basic Curriculum and the program of the Russian Federation, which is one of the most modern educational programs in the world.

In addition to general education subjects prescribed by the curriculum, English and Serbian are intensively studied at the School. Also, numerous optional and extracurricular activities are realized in the School.

Classes at the School are conducted
exclusively in Russian.

Я говорю по-русски!

The educational process in accordance with the curriculum “School of Russia” and the Federal Basic Curriculum is conducted in three cycles:

The first educational cycle

called Initial General Education, lasts from the first to the fourth grade. 

The second educational cycle

called Basic General Education, lasts from the fifth to the ninth grade.

The third educational cycle

called Secondary (complete) General Education, lasts two years (tenth and eleventh grade). General Secondary Education is a necessary phase before higher education.

Today, the “School of Russia” educational plan and program is the most efficient combination of traditional Russian education, which is based on authorized practice and innovations implemented in the educational process. The “School of Russia” program is implemented by the largest number of educational institutions in the Russian Federation and is a modern program based on the traditional approach to learning, student and parent.


The subject Robotics is an innovation outlined by the School’s curriculum. Within this subject, students work together to create and program, make robotic toys, learn to research, collaborate, find solutions to problems and through imaging algorithms start their own creations – real little robots. Through this subject, students are encouraged to think creatively, getting acquainted with the world of science, computers and engineering principles in an innovative way.

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