Traditional education model, with recognized exceptional outcomes of knowledge and skills, and perhaps most importantly – in the spirit of great people – those are the elements of our education process. If you are considering enrolling your children to the First International School Valentina Tereshkova, I must ask you a few questions: What is your first thought when you hear the word “SCHOOL”?

Learning, perhaps? Yes. Education, training? No doubt. However, our staff adds another answer to these undoubtedly important and correct answers, perhaps the most significant – JOY. School must bring joy for both students and teachers. Because only with people who gladly open new worlds and knowledge to children every day, the life of students is filled with curiosity and desire for new knowledge.

Every day, students encounter various questions that need to be answered, as well as numerous events where it is necessary to apply the acquired knowledge and skills.

Every day, they have life lessons to learn, such as a multiplication table or a verb change. Our teachers are not only excellent pedagogues and experts in their fields, but also have the greatest passion for the subjects they teach.

Along with them, children learn to think, to draw conclusions, to analyze, to make solutions, to communicate on a wide range of topics, to develop individual skills, but also to be team players. And, of course, teachers are there for our primary task – to teach children how to gather knowledge. It is with love for each subject that our teachers pass on that love to children.

I am convinced that children are obliged to live a full life in school, and not just be there during classes, because Life itself is the most important School.

Еlena Elnatanova, principal

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